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We Like to think of ourselves as a jolly team, and whilst you are not obliged to come along to every Event we are always glad to see you.

Membership rates

Single: £15
Joint/family: £20

Societies/organisations: £25
Students/gardeners: £5
Life: £150

Membership runs from the 1st April, renewable each year on that date. New applications received after 1st November will remain valid for a year after the following April.

To join, simply click here, and download and fill in our membership form
Contact: The Membership Secretary,
Buckinghamshire Gardens Trust
11 Fledglings Walk, Winslow
Bucks MK18 3QU

We run a full programme of events throughout the historic county including Walks, Study Days and Conferences. We also have an annual series of Spring Talks at the Bucks County Museum, Aylesbury.

We occasionally publish a newsletter, The Bucks Gardener (I will try to do better, Ed). We have a Conservation & Planning group, and a busy Research and Recording group. We aim to have a gardens squad, and a schools programme; both are in abeyance at the moment, could you change that? You are encouraged to participate in any or all of these and take an active part in the Bucks Gardens Trust.

We are all volunteers and as such some groups are more active than others, it all depends on y/our enthusiasm.