Conference proceedings

Over the years we have held several Conferences and/or Symposiums (Symposia?).

We have published the proceedings of three of them as 32-page, illustrated A4 books, with soft card full colour covers, illustrated in black and white throughout, and printed on cream coloured paper. Gibbs and Gardening takes a similar format, expanded to 48 pages with eight full page colour plates of the Balthazar Nebot paintings of Hartwell’s formal gardens.. All are packed with scholarship and pictures, including the Hartwell Nebots in full colour.

All are available at £10 including post and packing. Booking Form coming shortly.

Gibbs and Gardening: the work of the Eighteenth-Century Architect James Gibbs
celebrates the delineation of the formal gardens at Hartwell House, Aylesbury, as depicted in the famous series of paintings by Balthazar Nebot and rediscovered by Eric Throssell. Proceedings of the seminar held by the Bucks Gardens Trust at Hartwell House, follows on from Flowers in the Landscape and Talking Heads.
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Gibbs and Gardening contains papers on:
James Gibbs, Architect: the place of his work in eighteenth-century England
by David Adshead;
Gibbs and the landscape garden in Stowe’s Grecian Vally and Hawkwell Field
by Richard Wheeler;
Gibbs and the Formal Garden: Hartwell as depicted in the Nebot paintings
by Eric Throssell with Sarah Rutherford;
& Wentworth Castle: Gibbs and Garden buildings
by Patrick Eyres.
An extract from James Gibbs by Terry Friedman (Yale, 1984)
& Eric Throssell’s drawings of Gibbs’s buildings at Hartwell
are included as Appendices.


Talking Heads considers the role of Garden Statuary in the Eighteenth Century and celebrates the recent recasting of the statue of Bacchus first shown in England by Charles Hamilton at Painshill, and contains papers from the seminar held by the Bucks Gardens Trust at Hartwell House.
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Talking Heads contains papers on:
Ince Blundell Hall, Lancashire, and the Eighteenth-century Sculpture Collectors by John Edmondson and Sarah Rutherford;
The role of Garden Statuary in the Eighteenth Century as Exemplified by the Gardens of Sir Thomas and Sir William Lee at Hartwell
by Richard Wheeler;
Sculpture in Trust: the Guardianship of Outdoor Sculpture
by Tim Knox;
The Travails of Bacchus: the Succession of Owners and Homes for Charles Hamilton’s Bacchus from Painshill to Anglesey Abbey by way of Fonthill, Hafod and Ashridge
by Jan Clark;
and The Choice of Hercules at Stowe, West Wycombe and Stourhead
by Richard Wheeler.


Our Flowers in the Landscape: Eighteenth-Century Flower Gardens and Floriferous Shrubberies seminar celebrated the rediscovery of the site of the exquisite Flower Garden created by Lady Elizabeth Lee at Hartwell House, the planting plans for which had been discovered by Mark Laird many years before. It contains papers from the seminar held by the Bucks Gardens Trust at Hartwell House.
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Poet’s Feeling and Painter’s Eye by Mavis Batey;
The Flowering of the Landscape Garden, revisited by Mark Laird;
The Flower Garden at Ashridge by Mick Thompson;
Flowers at Painshill Park by Kath Clark;
The Hartwell Flowerbed at Painshill by Karen Bridgman;
Hartwell, a Biographical Chronology of the Flower & Kitchen Gardens, 1750s to 2006
by Eric Throssell,
with his drawings of the Flower gardens and temples at Hartwell and Nuneham.