Humphry Repton: just what did he do for us in Bucks? Our new book

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Our new book presents the fruits of our ground-breaking Research and Recording Project on the work of Humphry Repton in historic Buckinghamshire.

The cover price for a printed copy will be £20, and it will also be available digitally on our web site, in due course.

The book includes essays on Repton in Bucks and his links further afield, based on our research, followed by a gazetteer providing detailed analysis for each of the 15 sites that have previously been associated with Repton in historic Bucks (to include Milton Keynes and Slough districts). We have reluctantly concluded that in fact Repton was probably not associated with 3 of these sites.

We have initially printed only  relatively few copies, and the text will be made available on our website for free download.


Forward: David Gladstone, Bucks GT Patron
1. Humphry Repton — The Man and His Career, by Mick Thompson and Sarah Rutherford 2. The World of Humphry Repton — Economy and Society, by Roderick Floud
3. Pursuing Repton in Buckinghamshire, by Sarah Rutherford
4. So Just What Did Repton Do in Buckinghamshire, by Sarah Rutherford
5. Patronage and Politics, by Jonathan Lovie
6. Repton Beyond the Boundaries, by Jonathan Lovie
7. The German Connection, by Claire de Carles
8. Overview of Sites Associated with Repton, by Sarah Rutherford
9. Gazetteer
Ashridge House, by Mick Thompson
Bulstrode Park, by Jill Stansfield and Gill Grocott
Chalfont Lodge and Chalfont House, by Claire de Carle
Gayhurst Park, by Sarah Tricks
Hanslope Park, by Gill Grocott and Jill Stansfield
Lamport Manor, by Mick Thompson and Ken Edwards
Medmenham Abbey and Danesfield House, by Claire de Carle
Shardeloes, by Wallace Wormley
Stoke Farm, by Claire de Carle
Stoke Park, by Mary Buckle and Sheila Meekums
Taplow Lodge, by Claire de Carle
Tyringham Park, by Clare Butler and Claire de Carle
West Wycombe Park, by Gwen Miles
Wilton Park, by Clare Butler and Claire de Carle
Wycombe Abbey, by Gwen Miles

160 pages
80 full colour illustrations

We are grateful to our Patron, David Gladstone of Wotton House, for his endorsement of this publication.

To obtain a copy please send a cheque for £23.50 (includes post and packing) made payable to Bucks Gardens Trust,
to: Rosemary Jury, 11 Fledglings Walk, Winslow, Bucks, MK18 3QU

Download the Flyer and Order Form